PIMOD: The Bending Expert

Krishna Engineering

PIMOD: The Bending Expert

"PIMOD" is out there in the market to make your BENDING NEEDS simpler, easier and faster too. Krishna Engineering has it's yet another maiden effort carved out with robust, compact and automated work horse which exquisitely moulds, shapes and crafts rods of various diameters to U shape.

The PiMOD is designed and crafted for producing U-Bolts. It works on principle of cold bending under the influence of the dies to shape the process.

The PiMOD is specially designed for large production of U-Bolts. Though the PiMOD can be customized as per user’s needs this variant can be also used for making “J“ Bends.

It is a semi automatic machine which takes straight pipes as inputs and produces the required bends as per the requirements. The machine is operated by forward and reverse switches and as the process ends the machine is trained to stop automatically.

The machine is equipped with the hardened and nickel plated dies which enable the PiMOD to precisely bend the rods to the accurate dimension. The dies are designed to have a guaranteed long life of bending 50,000 rods. Another unique characteristic of the PiMOD is that it can be handle three U-Bolts at a time with equal preciseness and accuracy. We are also in the field of bending like u clamp bending, wave guide bending, roll bending, etc.

Silent Features

  •   Cold Bending
  •   High Production rate
  •   Semi-automatic
  •   Safe to operate

Machines We deal for Other Bending Applications

  •   U Pipe / Tube
  •   U clamp
  •   Wave guide Bending
  •   Sheet Bending
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