Krishna Engineering

CNC Machine

We have designed and manufactured customized CNC router machines. It is our special concept for helping out small scale industries. We have designed comparatively low cost router machine as per customer’s requirement. Our router machine is capable to cutting wood, acrylic and some soft metals like aluminum and brass as well.

Mainly Used for CNC Machine are Cabit Components, Sign Making, Instrument Production and Rapid Prototyping.

Silent Features

  •   Precisely Engineered
  •   Low Cost Solutions
  •   T slot Clamping / Vacuum Bed
  •   Faster Cutting Speed
  •   Long Term Reliability
  •   Easy To Operate
  •   Minimum Maintenance
  •   Longer Service Life

Value added Features

  •   Cast Iron/ Aluminum Profile/ Sheet metal Platform With The Box Structure To Ensure High-Quality Rigidity & Precision.
  •   Efficient Processing, High-Power Spindle Motor, Low Noise, Strong Cutting.
  •   Have Power Restored, Power Outages Continued Carving, Processing Time Forecast Etc.., Functions.
  •   Can be upgraded up to 5-axis.
  • Leading Industry: Gujarat, India
  • Contact Number: (+91) 87330 86859
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